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Well, I finally bit the bullet and put my old blog to rest. It was an old Rails knockoff of Svbtle called Obtvse. The old blog was very boilerplate and I didn’t really want to delve to deep into customization with it which led to me not wanting to post very often for fear I would migrate soon.

Well, that migration has happened.

Welcome to the new and improved It’s faster, stronger, and powered by Github Pages using Jekyll. For those that don’t know Jekyll is a “blog aware” static site generator that just happens to be available on Github’s free pages offering. With a little css, html, and some YAML configuring you’re off with a free blog by Github. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Another fun part of creating the new blog is that this one makes use of “responsive design”. Many people have different interpretations of what that means and for this blog that just means it looks good on all screens. (Except maybe retina macbooks, let me know if not!)

I’m hoping that with a new blog I’ll be encouraged to post more. Who knows, maybe I’ll post less. Either way a new year is around the corner and I’m thinking some big changes are on their way.